Frequently asked questions

What is a Color Number?

Every color in the Excel color palette can be identified by an RGB color code, Hex color code, and a color number. Excel Color Tools utilizes the color number. Several of the Excel Color Tools options that provide the color number also provide the associated RGB and Hex color codes for reference.

What kind of errors does Excel Color Tools identify?
Excel Color Tools identifies the seven error types native to Excel. These are #DIV/0!, #N/A, #NAME?, #NULL!, #NUM!, #REF!, and #VALUE!. Excel Color Tools does not identify logic errors within a spreadsheet that have not produced one of these seven errors.
How long does it take Excel Color Tools to change font color or fill color?
Processing time is generally very fast. The speed of the computer, the size of the range being evaluated, and the Excel Color Tools options elected impact processing time. For example, when a user elects the mixed toggle, undo enabled, and multiple bypass variables, the processing time will be longer than if any one of these options were not elected. However, the additional time required as a result of these elections is generally not significant.
How do you install an Excel Add-in?
Instructions on how to install an Excel Add-in are provided with the Excel Color Tools documentation. In addition, please watch the Add-in Installation video provided Here